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Fresh guacamole


Keep it simple, stupid. The phrase is a perfect reflection of itself and is a constant voice in my head as I approach problem solving or development. While I can’t pinpoint when exactly this voice gained permanent residence in my mind, I can look to a family history of Navy and Marines, a couple of chef influences, and plenty of individual challenges that have likely all played a significant role in its mental burrowing.

As a premise, I tend to enjoy life more for its simplistic pleasures than for anything grandiose. Family time, gardening, porch sitting in a rocking chair, the smell of the ocean salt air….each of these are incredibly fulfilling.

During the development of what is now Red Clay, my intent was to strip away the process as much as I could and add subtle layers towards an end goal of deliciousness and differentiating ourselves in the market place. The resulting products are straightforward, approachable, and if I may be so bold to claim, delicious.

Taking this the next step, what is the best way for our customers to enjoy Red Clay? The Verde has a ton of potential in recipes. My latest go-to has been for a quick guacamole that goes just as well on toast in the morning as it does on chips or crackers in the afternoon. The recipe:

2 Large, Ripe Haas Avocados
2 oz Verde Hot Sauce
T Fresh, Torn Cilantro
T Sea Salt (Bulls Bay Saltworks)

Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl. Keep in mind, if you like spice, you can always add a splash more of the Verde hot sauce.

Hope you enjoy!