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Serving Love: The Shemtovs

Posted In: Hot Seat

Serving delicious, locally-sourced food (while also contributing to) their community's their thing.

In The Hot Seat this month are two of our favorite rockstars (and amazing friends) in the restaurant industry -- Michael & Melody Shemtov. This powerhouse couple co-own The Daily, Butcher & Bee, and Workshop here in Charleston as well as Butcher & Bee and the new Red-Headed Stranger in Nashville. Plus, they’re genuinely wonderful people. Fun fact: The Daily was one of the first Charleston restaurants to serve our OG Red Clay Hot Sauce back in the day, and they have continued to support us ever since. Serving delicious and locally sourced food to their community is their thing, and we’re eatin’ it all up. 

So, what’s hot right now?

M&M: Standing up for what you believe in, supporting local farmers (in our restaurants and our daily lives), and avocado toast (always!)

What’s not?

M&M: Climate change and coastal hurricanes, single use plastics, people who are unkind. 

Glad we can all agree!


What is one food item you cannot live without?

Melody: Avocados, hands down.

Michael: Hot sauce. The hotter the better.

A man after our hearts, Michael.


Biggest guilty pleasure?

Melody: Gummy bears, now and always! Illuminated gummy bears lined the aisle at our wedding!

Michael: Day trading on the stock market in between restaurant meetings.

Ooh, spicy. 


What is your favorite Red Clay food pairing?

Michael: Bacon english muffin at the Daily, classic sauce.

Melody: Breakfast burritos with Verde. Had it for breakfast today! 


3 things you must bring with you on a deserted island?

Michael:  Seeds to grow veggies, a cow for milk, and my wife 

Mel: Sunday NYTimes, journal & pen, a water purifier, and of course, my husband, because not only do I love him, but it looks like he's prepared to keep us alive, while I read and write to pass the time, what a great match! 

So how did y’all get into this F&B business?

Michael: I opened my first restaurant on King Street in 2001, right out of college. I've always loved food and hospitality businesses and knew I wanted to be a part of that world. Many restaurants and concepts later, I can still say that I love what I do. 

Melody: I was born into it, then married into it. Running restaurants and serving my community through food is in my blood. I like to say that the restaurant business is like the mafia, once you're in, you never really get out.

Last but not least, fave Red Clay flavor?

Michael: Classic, because it's a clean heat and pairs so well with everything.

Melody: Verde, I love the serrano and cilantro combination, so flavorful!

Thank you x 100, Shemtovs! Not only does your work add flavor to our Charleston F&B community, but your support of people and passion for what you guys do is inspiring. When next in Charleston or Nashville, check out their restaurants y’all! With gratitude, the Red Clay Crew