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title:Original Hot Sauce*description:Fresno is a mild pepper, so we don’t dilute it – we balance it with high quality vinegar and age the sauce in bourbon barrels for a classic taste that doesn’t overwhelm.*heat:Mild*image://*eat_with:Smoked Oysters, French Fries, Micheladas, Cold Pizza
title:Carolina Hot Sauce*description:Aged for three months in bourbon barrels, our blend of Fresno and Carolina Reaper peppers lets a little sweet shine through the smoke.*heat:Hot*image://*eat_with:Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Micheladas, Cold Pizza
title:Peach Hot Sauce*description:A blend of sweet peaches and smoky habanero, rounded out by rich sorghum and apple cider vinegar to create a remarkably layered and complex hot sauce.*heat:Medium*image://*eat_with:Fish Tacos, Fried Eggs, Cheeseburger, Hot and Sour Soup
title:Hot Honey (2-pack)*description:Southern wildflower honey gets a kick with fermented Fresno pepper mash. What started as a limited edition earned a full-time spot in our lineup.*heat:Hot*image://*eat_with:Breakfast Biscuits, Salmon, Roasted Carrots, Ice Cream
title:Spicy Peach Honey (2-Pack)*description:We start with 100% pure and raw wildflower honey and infuse it with juice from the most perfect peaches for a spicy-sweet nectar that tastes like summer.*heat:Mild*image://*eat_with:Buttermilk Biscuits, Vanilla Ice Cream, French Toast, Fresh Salsa
title:*description:We start by sourcing 100% pure Wildflower honey from Georgia, leave it raw for flavor and antioxidant benefits, then infuse it with our Red Clay habanero pepper mash. A perfect marriage of sweet meets heat.*heat:Medium*image://*eat_with:Fried Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Roasted Root Vegetables
title:Habanero Hot Sauce*description:Our habanero hot sauce offers the most pure heat (still a medium sauce for balance of flavor), and highlights the habanero pepper's citrus and floral notes by adding orange peel and carrot to the mix.*heat:Medium*image://*eat_with:Thai food, Grilled Mahi, Jerk Chicken
title:*description:The gold standard. Sustainably sourced 100% pure Wildflower honey from Georgia, left raw for flavor and antioxidant benefits.*heat:Sweet*image://*eat_with:English Tea, Biscuits, Cocktails
title:*description:A Southern-style cocktail sauce crafted to add bright, balanced flavor to your favorite ocean-fresh seafood. We’ve kicked things up a notch with zesty horseradish, pequin chili pepper flakes, and a splash of sherry vinegar.*heat:medium*image://*eat_with:Shrimp, Raw Oysters, Bloody Marys, and More.
title:Southern Chili Crisp*description:*heat:Medium*image://*eat_with:Southern Grits Chicken Noodles
title:Spicy Margarita Salt Duo*description:The perfect balance of citrus, spice, and sweetness, this blend of highest quality kosher salt and raw turbinado sugar is made for more than just margaritas.*heat:Mild*image://*eat_with:Spicy Margaritas, Grilled Chicken, Fish Tacos, Fresh Guacamole
title:Original Hot Sauce- Flask 375ml*dimensions:375 ml
title:Habanero Hot Sauce*dimensions:5 fl. oz.
title:*dimensions:5 fl. oz. (Pack of 3)
title:*dimensions:16 oz.
title:*dimensions:9 oz.
title:*dimensions:9 oz.
title:*dimensions:9 oz. (Pack of 3)
title:*dimensions:4.4 oz.
title:*dimensions:4.4 oz.
title:*dimensions:4.4 oz.
title:*dimensions:4.4 oz.
title:Spicy Margarita Salt Duo*dimensions:4.4 oz.
title:*dimensions:Net Weight: 2.7 oz (Set of 2)
title:*dimensions:Net Weight: 2.6 oz (Set of 2)
title:Spicy Margarita Salt Duo*dimensions:Net Weight: 4 oz (Set of 2)
title:*dimensions:Net Weight: 2.7 oz (Set of 2)
title:*dimensions:Net Weight: 2.5 oz (Set of 2)
title:Spicy Drink Salt Duo*dimensions:Spicy Margarita Salt Net Weight: 4 oz; Spicy Bloody Mary Salt Net Weight: 2.7 oz (Set of 2)
title:Spicy Peach Honey - Single*dimensions:9 oz.
title:*dimensions:12 oz., 100% heavy cotton canvas, bottom gusset, 23" web canvas handles, 10" handle drop
title:Southern Chili Crisp*dimensions:Net Wt. 8.4 oz.
title:The Whole Shebang*includes:Original Hot Sauce Carolina Hot Sauce Peach Hot Sauce Spicy Peach Honey 2-pack Hot-Honey (2-Pack)
title:Verde Hot Sauce*item_1:Carne Asada*image_1://*item_2:Avocado Toast*image_2://*item_3:Bloody Mary*image_3://*item_4:Scrambled Eggs*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:Habanero Hot Sauce*item_1:Fish Tacos*image_1://*item_2:Salad Dressings*image_2://*item_3:Cocktails*image_3://*item_4:Seafood*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:Carolina Hot Sauce*item_1:Chili*image_1://*item_2:Seafood*image_2://*item_3:Fried Eggs*image_3://*item_4:Buffalo Wings*image_4://*item_5:Pizza*image_5://
title:Carolina Hot Sauce (2-pack)*item_1:Chili*image_1://*item_2:Seafood*image_2://*item_3:Fried Eggs*image_3://*item_4:Buffalo Wings*image_4://*item_5:Pizza*image_5://
title:Original Hot Sauce*item_1:Oysters*image_1://*item_2:Breakfast Sandwiches*image_2://*item_3:Bloody Marys*image_3://*item_4:Grilled Chicken*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:*item_1:Fried Chicken*image_1://*item_2:Grilled Salmon*image_2://*item_3:Pizza*image_3://*item_4:Ice Cream*image_4://*item_5:Avocado Toast*image_5://
title:*item_1:Fried chicken*image_1://*item_2:Spicy cocktails*image_2://*item_3:Roasted veggies*image_3://*item_4:*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:*item_1:Fried Chicken*image_1://*item_2:Pizza*image_2://*item_3:Ice Cream*image_3://*item_4:Avocado Toast*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:*item_1:Pork Roast*image_1://*item_2:Charcuterie Boards*image_2://*item_3:Burgers & Fries*image_3://*item_4:Fried Chicken*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:*item_1:Lowcountry Boils*image_1://*item_2:Grilled Shrimp*image_2://*item_3:Crab Cakes*image_3://*item_4:*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:*item_1:Roast Chicken*image_1://*item_2:Grilled Vegetables*image_2://*item_3:Avocado Toast*image_3://*item_4:*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:Spicy Margarita Salt Duo*item_1:Spicy Margaritas*image_1://*item_2:Micheladas*image_2://*item_3:Fish Tacos*image_3://*item_4:Fresh Guacamole*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:*item_1:Chicken Wings*image_1://*item_2:Collard Greens*image_2://*item_3:Soups and Stews*image_3://*item_4:*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:*item_1:Spicy Bloody Marys*image_1://*item_2:Scrambled Eggs*image_2://*item_3:Chilis and Stews*image_3://*item_4:Crab Cakes*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:Peach Hot Sauce*item_1:Shrimp & Grits*image_1://*item_2:Tacos*image_2://*item_3:Chilis & Stews*image_3://*item_4:Roasted Chicken*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
title:Spicy Peach Honey - Single*item_1:Cheese & Crackers*image_1://*item_2:Roasted Chicken*image_2://*item_3:Cocktails*image_3://*item_4:Whipped Feta*image_4://*item_5:Yogurt & Granola*image_5://
title:Southern Chili Crisp*item_1:Carolina Gold Rice*image_1://*item_2:Avocado Toast*image_2://*item_3:Fried Eggs*image_3://*item_4:Noodles*image_4://*item_5:*image_5://
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