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Hot Honey & Biscuit Ice Cream

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We're thrilled to once again have Red Clay Hot Honey featured in a seasonal flavor at Off-Track Ice Cream, an ice cream shop in the heart of downtown Charleston that creates traditional and vegan ice cream in classic and inventive flavors.

This season's flavor? HOT HONEY & BISCUITS. Local ingredients are used to create the ice cream base, which are then incorporated with homemade fresh, flaky southern biscuits.... um, YUM?!

Here's the description from Off-Track:

We add Red Clay Hot Sauce’s Barrel Aged Hot Honey into our ice cream base of Lowcountry Creamery milk, cream & Wishbone Heritage Farms egg yolks along with a pinch of Bulls Bay Saltworks sea salt. This makes for a killer ice cream that’s ultra creamy and robustly sweet with a hint of that signature Red Clay heat lingering in the background.

Next up – the biscuits! Our pastry chef, Pippa Allen, creates her perfectly flaky, melt-in-your-mouth buttery biscuits. You know these biscuits are the real deal when Pippa tells you she grew up making biscuits alongside her mom. Her non-recipe ‘recipe’ is more so just a list of a few simple ingredients where nothing is measured and everything is done by eye and feel.

Fresh from the oven, we chop those buttery biscuits into bite sized pieces and fold them into our Hot Honey ice cream. Treat yourself to the most comforting fall combo we could ever think of.

Added bonus – this flavor is refined-sugar free sweetened only with Red Clay honey!

In Charleston or visiting soon? Be sure to stop by and try out a cone!


Off-Track Ice Cream
6 Beaufain Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Sunday - Wednesday (12pm - 10pm)
Thursday - Saturday (12pm - 11pm)