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Fresh out the oven with Pippa

Posted In: Hot Seat

We’re excited to share this fun collaboration and addition to our In the Hot Seat series -- Miss Pippa Allen, a bread-loving gal and Charleston food blogger. We tagged along to watch her work her bread-making wonders. She whipped us up delicious bagels, and we brought the Hot Honey. What resulted was a perfectly sticky, sweet afternoon we’re still giggling about. 

So how did you start baking?

Well, I started my first full-time job, and since I was working 9-5, I was concerned. When you’re a student, you have more time on your hands and that’s your identity, and I was like “Oh god I don't have that anymore,” so I needed time to dedicate to myself after 40 hours a week dedicated to something else. Before I had my job, I wanted to travel a lot and I was looking to becoming an au pair and moving to France to live with a random older woman and learn how to make bread. When I shared that idea with my co-workers, they were like “well why don’t you learn how to make bread now” so I did it! After work, I bought a beautiful pan and I made my first focaccia, and it has genuinely been the most fun ever since. Everything I’ve made comes from a weird desire that I get really excited about. 

Your top three HOTs?

Murder mystery podcasts--I want to know who is dead and why. 

Cutting my own hair. I live by my own rules.

Tomato-mayo sandwiches with squishy white bread

And three NOTS?

Gluten-free for no reason

Picky eaters. Life is too short to not eat everything!


3 things you would bring on a deserted island:

My snuggie 1000%

Cast iron skillet  

Men’s deodorant


Biggest guilty pleasure:

Eating food in bed with pajamas on.

A sentence about yourself:

Confidently stupid but positively here for it! 

Pippa--thanks for the carbs & fun, let’s do it again! 

With gratitude, 

The RC Crew