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Keeping up with Kruti

Posted In: Hot Seat

We’re delighted to welcome Kruti Shah to the Hot Seat, a thoughtful plant-based food blogger and lover of all things health/wellness/good. Kruti emphasizes the importance of whole foods with fresh ingredients in balance, and we’re honored to be one of Kruti’s favorite hot sauces! In between running a successful recipe blog and her booming social media world @cultivatewithkruti, she was able to sit down with the Red Clay Crew for an interview. Here’s the scoop on Kruti...

Your 3 HOTs right now?

Obviously, Red Clay Hot Sauce (YASSSS, gurl)Cold-brew coffee, and Hot yoga.

And NOTs?

Celery juice, Florida humidity, and Delayed flights, which has become a common trend moving far from home.

How did you get into the foodie world?

I started my blog back in 2015! I can’t believe it has been four years already, however my brother encouraged me to start posting food on my Instagram feed and share my recipes with friends and family. From there, my blog grew, and I enjoyed connecting with other like-minded individuals and of course sharing my recipes with everyone! 

What is your favorite Red Clay flavor? 

Currently, I love the Carolina Hot, and I add it to everything from avocado toast, salads, fried eggs, and even Indian food, for an extra spicy kick! 

What is your favorite Red Clay food pairing? 

This one is tough, and I can’t just choose one, but I have to go with avocado toast on sourdough bread with a fried egg, or a cup of cold brew coffee paired with dark chocolate. 

1 food item you cannot live without?

Avocados and Chocolate, I can’t choose just one! 

Biggest guilty pleasure?

Non-food related would be watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette, and food-related is a Del Taco grilled bean and cheese burrito. 

Kruti, we truly appreciate everything you do for Red Clay- it's about time we had you in the Hot Seat! Your work is inspiring and so worthy of sharing with the world, keep doing what you do best.