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Red Clay x Ravenel Fresh Seafood

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This week for #BlackFoodFridays I traveled out to Ravenel (about 20 minutes outside of Charleston) to Visit Ravenel Fresh Seafood. This family-owned and operated Seafood Market & Restaurant started over 20 years ago by Mr. Julius Brown, and has grown to become a must-stop for seafood in the Lowcountry. Mr. Brown, raised on Sol Legare Island right near James Island, would go fishing whenever he could, and was always surrounded by seafood, which inspired him to open Ravenel Fresh Seafood. 

His daughter, Lakenya Brown joined the family business years  later, and travels with her father daily at 4:30am for the seafood that is served at the restaurant and sold at the market later that day. The menu at the restaurant has everything from Catfish to Conch Stew, but what Ravenel Fresh Seafood is best known for are the Garlic Shrimp and Garlic Crab. When you visit, you absolutely have to add Garlic Crab to your order. It’s all about the garlic butter sauce here that the crabs are drenched in, and is what makes these crabs stand out from the rest. 

Two years ago LaKenya saw an opportunity to expand the business, and started Ravenel Fresh Seafood #2, a food truck that primarily sets up in North Charleston on Rivers Ave across from Maxway. Almost all of the favorites at the restaurant can also be found at the food truck, including of course the Garlic Crab. 

Next time you are craving great seafood in Charleston, take the short drive out to Ravenel to say hi to the Browns’ to experience this incredible food for yourself, or stop by the food truck when it’s in your area. And always get the Garlic Crab.

Featured Dishes:

Fried Shrimp, Scallops and Oysters Basket with Hushpuppies and Garlic Crab


The Garlic Sensation: Snow Crab, Shrimp with Garlic Butter, Potato, Corn and Sausage

Ravenel Fresh Seafood

5925 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel, SC 29470

(843) 889-9500

Ravenel Fresh Seafood #2 (Food Truck)

Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for the latest schedule of upcoming locations. 

Instagram: @ravenelfreshseafood2



Written by Jai Jones (Jai Eats)