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Hots & Nots with Jessica Murnane

Posted In: Hot Seat

Don't try to give her a Tootsie Pop.

We recently caught up with our friend, Jessica Murnane. She's the creator of the One Part Plant movement & author of One Part Cookbook, host of One Part Podcast, and founder of Know Your Endo, the endometriosis education and awareness platform. Jessica has contributed to Bon Appétit, Goop, Shape Magazine, The Coveteur and has spoken at SXSW, Apple, Wanderlust, and Chicago Lit Fest among others. 

We're flattered to count her as a Red Clay fan. Over a bowl of Geechie Boy Grits topped with avocado, sprouts, and Red Clay's Original Sauce, we learned what's on Jessica's current list of 'Hots & Nots'. 

Hot: 1. Endometriosis Awareness 2. Artist, Rachel Pozivenec 3. The NBA x Beyond Meat

Not Hot: 1. Tootsie Roll Pops 2. Kids with iPads at restaurants 3. Flip Flops

Favorite Red Clay Product: Verde