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The Beauty of Community

Posted In: Hot Seat

Meet Cam & Greer from The Harbinger Cafe

We stopped in to visit the talented founders of The Harbinger Cafe, Cameron Neal and Greer Gilchrist. This sweet cafe is one of our favorite spots to eat and see friends in Charleston! Community is important to these two entrepreneurs, and it shows.

Cameron and Greer drew inspiration for this Upper King shop from working in and visiting countless bakeries & cafes for what felt like a lifetime (“ok three decades”, according to Cameron). The cafe’s energy makes you feel cozied up in a space curated with familiarity and love. And every dish and baked-good is crafted from memories, lively conversations and hopes that the cafe will feed both the belly and soul.

The Harbinger is celebrating its two year anniversary in June and continues to serve its loyal regulars as well as new friendly faces, both there for the cafe’s authentic decor and delicious goodies. If you’re ever in Charleston, stop by!

Greer’s Hots:

  1. Sheet cakes + Almond Croissants
  2. My grandma (she just learned to text!)
  3. Christopher Kimball  

Cameron’s Nots:

  1. Sun-tanning (I prefer SPF 70, baby!)
  2. Abrupt HBO series endings
  3. NOT celebrating every chance you get (holidays, milestones, Tuesdays)