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Hot Honey and Citrus Vinaigrette

Hot Honey and Citrus Vinaigrette
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons seasame oil
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 3 tablespoons Red Clay Hot Honey
  • 1/2 Tbsp Kosher salt
  • 1/2 Tbsp fresh citrus (lime or orange)
  • A few dashes of Red Clay Habanero Hot Sauce
Hot Honey (2-pack)
Hot Honey (2-pack) – $ 28
  1. Whisk egg yolks in a bowl until doubled in volume
  2. Add salt and vinegar and whisk to incorporate
  3. Slowly temper in sesame oil, whisking constantly
  4. Add in honey and whisk
  5. Temper in remaining canola oil while whisking
  6. Season with citrus and serve or store for 2 weeks
  7. We recommend dressing this on a bright salad mixture of chopped napa cabbage, thinly sliced red bell pepper, carrots, sweet peppers, radishes, slivered almonds, etc.

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