Recipes Southern-Style Crab Rice

Fresh blue crab shines in this easy, yet impressive weeknight dish.

Recipes The Red Clay Margarita

We've never met a margarita we didn't like. Our new favorite version gets a kick from our Hot-Hot Honey. 

Recipes Southern New Fashioned

This warming riff on an Old Fashioned tastes like boozy pecan pie.

Recipes Spicy Broccoli Casserole

We teamed up with Duke's Mayonnaise to create this drool-worthy Spicy Broccoli casserole

Recipes Country Ham and Cheese Balls

This recipe is one to impress when hosting or craving a Lowcountry appetizer at home

Recipes Summery Corn Salad

A delicious summery salad featuring Red Clay Verde.

Recipes Red Clay BBQ Shrimp

Buttery, slightly spicy, delicious.

Recipes Pickle Juice Purple Potatoes

A Butter Radish Special

Recipes Hot Chicks Salad from the Harbinger Cafe

This delish summer salad is vegetarian, slightly spicy and GF!

Recipes Hot Honey Whipped Feta

This creamy spread with just a hint of sweet and heat is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Recipes Hot Honey Hot Toddy

Warm, cozy, and just a little spicy.